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"What a wicked world"–See How A Man Strips Pregnant Woman, Beats Her Mercilessly(VIDEO)

"What a wicked world"–See How A Man Strips Pregnant Woman,Beats Her Mercilessly(VIDEO)Some people can be so heartless and inconsiderate.

A video surfaced online recently which shows a pregnant woman being beaten by a man and nobody interfered.

According to the video,the man striped the Pregnant woman ,laid her on the floor,pour water on her and started beating her with cain without mercy.

The most annoying thing is that,the people recording the video didn't even make any attempt to put a stop to the bizzare act .Instead they watch in excitement.

I don't know and I don't want to know the offense of the woman,treating her like this is absolutely wrong and legal action should be taken by the authorities.

I hope the incident happened in Nigeria for easy location of the perpetrator!

Please share this , someone who knows about this incident might be on your timeline or contacts.This man must be punished!


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