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2 reasons your article is rejected for Fake News on Opera News Hub

Recently, the scourge of 'fake news' has become worrisome and so widespread that even the Oxford English Dictionary deemed it fit to add the phrase to its collection of words.

But what exactly is fake news?

Fake news, a close cousin of clickbait, are articles written to misinform, deceive readers, obscure the truth - and ultimately get clicks.

To avoid the rejection of your articles on the Opera News Hub, it is important to be absolutely certain of all the information contained in your article. While at it, endeavour to check top news websites to confirm the authenticity of your story.

When articles are rejected for Fake News, more often than not, there are two situations involved.

They are:

1. Sketchy details

An article which cannot be verified and does not exist anywhere else can be said to be sketchy. Such articles are believed to be factually incorrect or fabricated by the writer. If your article is verifiable, then there should be a credible source to such article.

For example:

Breaking: Delta State Launches Her Own State Police, Code Named "Operational Omotekpokpor"

The article above can be categorized as fake news due to the fact that the information contained in both the headline and body are totally false. Such an article should be verified before being submitted for review on the Opera News Hub.

2. No evidence

An article with no evidence or source of where information is gathered is also a typical example of fake news. Articles should be properly credited with verifiable evidences. In the case of fictional articles, it should be well defined in the headline as fiction except there is a picture evidence proving that the story is real. Evidence can be in form of screenshot of the Facebook post or Twitter post of the main character.


My father slept with my fiancee on my wedding night (Fake News)

Fiction: My father slept with my fiancee on my wedding night (Correct)

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