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Top 10 Best Police Departments In The World

The world is filled with corruption, cruelty and criminals, who represent the dark side of our society. Whereas Police officers are supposed to represent the bright side in our society, they protect the innocent from injustice and crime. Police upholds and maintains the security and peace of the nation by combating crime and ensuring safety.

Police Officials play an essential role in maintaining the rules, regulations and the governmental laws of the country. Here is a list of top 10 best police departments in the world 2020.

10. RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

Fortunately, Canadian Police Services don’t really witness any extreme war driven situations like other countries. Their training standards definitely match up to tackle any unpredictable dangerous situation. Royal Canadian Mounted Police are training has a standard college that enables them to specialise in programming development. The RCMP, exceptional law enforcement has been providing their services for over 140 years now. The Canada police department enforces law by a standard training of RCMP.

9. Netherlands National Police Agency

Dutch Masters are amongst the finest Law Enforcers in the world. They are known for their strict routines and trainings. Netherlands National Agency of Police comprises of 25 regional units, which are commanded by Dutch Commissioner. Their main duties besides maintaining a Law and order in Netherlands consist of assigned regional duties on street to provide a better watch for its citizens. Busting crimes like street thefts, home burglaries and car thefts, etc, they are highly specialised in conducting investigations including drug rackets, fraud and human trafficking. Since 2002, they have shown a significant growth with their advance training and equipment facilities. More than 18% of their staff consists of female officers.

8. People’s Armed Police – China

China takes its defence seriously and has a police department which mimics with the Military defense, using similar tactics on a domestic level. This alone reflects the amount of intense hardship and training these small police forces have to undergo. These armed forces in China are divided into several categories including security guards, firefighters, Boarder security and Patrol etc. There is also a specific trained division for Mobile and Public Utility with a Traffic control department. This division specification categories these teams in their respected specialisation.

7. Federal Police of Germany

The Germany Police is a set of trained elite policing system, which is spread across 16 states under 2 Federal Law agencies. Every unit is assigned with a separate task force, which expertise in a specific field. It comprises of over 40,000 highly trained, dedicated and skilled officers. They are allowed to carry out certain duties, without any special permission of their superiors. There is a university named ‘Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei’, for training the new police officers about the educational and theoretic stuff in Police department.

6. AFP (Australian Federal Police)

Australian Federal Police is amongst the most reputable governmental structure in the world. AFP is responsible for busting the biggest drug mafia in the Australian history. More than $900 Australian crystal meth was seized in this project. The investigation was conducted using a spider-web method that can only be operated by highly specialised officers. They plan on adding more female force in their team. They are literally and practically enforcing gender equality in the sector of defense. They are known for their strict and ruthless training sessions, which train these candidates for any unpredictable situation.

5. France National Police

It might come as a surprise that the Love destination, France, is also popular for its highly trained and specialised police officers. Well the recent suicide bomb attack in France, which killed over 100 citizens, shacked the officers and pushed them to adapted a more specialised and tough approach with their police defense team. Earlier the France National Police were trained to handle minor crimes like theft, muggings, investigations and car accidents. Gendarmerie, the military force of France is in charge of the law enforcement of Police officers in urban areas. All the units of the police are trained and specialised in dealing with a specific category of crime.

4. New Zealand Police

All the Police Officers in New Zealand are trained in the law enforcement standard school named Royal New Zealand Police College. These students are trained and recruited based on their loyalty and skills. They are also trained to perform tactical side fights as well as handling heavy weapons. They are also categorised based on their specialised divisions Beat and Patrol, Criminal investigation, Diving squad, K9 unit, Traffic department, Forensics and Narcotics. New Zealand also has a special E-Crime for reporting online crimes.

3. Polizia Di Stato (Italian State Police)

Apart from its romantic sunsets, delicious food, Italy is also known for its Mafias, who have been ruling the crime world. Over the past decade, Italian State Police has managed to arrest two of the world’s most dangerous mafias, which is enough prove of their specialisation and training. The national Italian force comprises of over 300,000 officers who are split in 5 local police forces and 5 National forces. They hold a great bond with Italian Military, who can be working together. They are provided with the fastest car for police who include Lamborghini Huracan. They have transformed their department into the third most prominent police force department in the world.

2. NYPD – New York Police Department

NYPD is one of the popular police departments, thanks to its popularity on American Television as well as films. The American police force has been active ever since 1845. The highly trained municipal officers protect a population of over 8,405,000. There has been an 80% decrease in overall crime in New York, with the advancement of police training in this department. The American government motivates these police officers by conducting scholarship programs, recruitment training and other training tactics to attract more and youngster to the department. They are highly specialised in Emergency services, Harbor patrol, anti terrorism, narcotics, anti terrorism and Bomb squads. They are amongst the second most specialised police forces in the world.

1. Japan, National Police Agency – NPA

Japan has the highest trained police force in the world. They are also the world’s least corrupt officers. The training structure of Japanese Police Agency is flexible, intense, versatile method which covers all aspects of Law enforcement and crime prevention. Both female and male officers have to undergo a similar training to get in the department. The defense is taken seriously in the country where there are multiple divisions for each sector; they also have separate commission for adding new students into the police force. They follow a strict disciplined training for transforming new candidates in the true form of officers. There is a designated training and research team, for crime investigations which is financially supported by Japanese government. They are also popular for conducting international investigations, collaborating and sometimes individuals for mafia and other bigger cases.

They are some of the world’s best police forces in the world, who have established this reputation based on their skills and advanced training of years. They are a bunch of loyal patriots who have set up a high standard for police officers around the world, who bring shame to their country through bribery, bowing down to corruption and other offensive crimes.

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