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2 Billionaires Who Didn't Deserve to Die The Way They died

It's an evil world we live in, their is no Safety assurance for the poor and the rich. This days you would agree with me that men have become so desperate in becoming wealthy. They have lost their human feelings, and forgotten about their creator .This days men can go the extreme to make money.

Before we proceed to the subject matter of this article, I sincerely use this medium to felicitate with those who have lost their loved ones by the hands of dare devil's. In this article I would be showing you list of Billionaires who died a cruel death,they were murdered in gruesome way.

The reason of the article is to advise individuals the type of friends you keep, not everyone is happy that you are rich. So many individuals go around bragging about their asset on social media, this is not right because you are only inviting unnecessary attention which also comes with an evil plan.

Below are Billionaires who Never Deserved the way they died

1. Fireman generator founder Chief Ignatius Odunukwe .

This was a trending news as at last year 2019. Chief Ignatius Odunukwe was the founder and owner of fireman generator company. He is worth Billions of naira. Chief Ignatius Odunukwe was killed in a gruesome way by his abductors . His body was cut into pieces and packed in a Ghana must go bag . This life is not balance at all, chief Ignatius never deserved to die this way .

2. Gokada founder Fahim Saleh

Fahim Saleh founder of the popular bike transportation in Lagos Gokada was gruesomely killed recently in his home in New York City. Local police discovered Saleh’s decapitated body, parts of which were in plastic bags in the apartment.

There was no doubt that Fahim Saleh before his death touched alot of lives in Nigeria especially in Lagos. The introduction of Gokada generated large amount of employment for individuals. It's so painful that a rich man like Fahim could die this way. He never deserved to die this way.

Thanks for reading, please kindly learn from this write up, mind the type of friends you keep, mind the type of asset you brag about . God will continue to guild and protect us.

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Fahim Saleh Gokada Ignatius Odunukwe Saleh


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