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See What Makes SARS Better Than The Nigerian Police

Many times, there has been some confusion about SARS and Police. Some persons are of the opinion SARS are police officers, but that's not true. Just as the Police have their roles and responsibilities to play in the society, the SARS have theirs too. The SARS officials were instructed to desist from attending to civil or commercial matters and focus on robbery and kidnapping cases. We would be taking you on the roles and responsibilities of Police and SARS to enable us to draw differences between them. 


The uniform has unique numbers for the Federal SARS as well as the various state. The implementation of SARS uniform was followed by reports gathered from the populace that individuals were being impersonated as SARS officials. The SARS uniform is now known as F-SARS. 

There were even cases that some impersonators took large sums of money from individuals in a bid to combatting crime in society. Before the implementation of the SARS uniform, SARS officials were instructed to wear police uniforms as a means of identification. The police uniform can be seen beneath the SARS picture. What do you think of the uniforms? 

Whose uniform deserves some accolades? Does the new uniform make them look more dignified? As this reduced the level of crime and kidnapping in the country? 


The responsibilities of the SARS and Police officials are sometimes overemphasized. These officials most times arrest people unlawfully and undesirable. The populace is sometimes confused about their roles and benefit to the country. 

Have the police and SARS gone against their roles in recent times? F-SARS is with the responsibility of fighting Armed Robbery and Kidnapping-related cases only. 

SARS personnel are not to perform 'Stop and Search' duties except on distress calls to respond to armed robbery and kidnapping offenses only. What do we see in these days? In the process of discharging their duties, the lives of innocent people have been lost.

The Federal government needs to outline the SARS operatives' roles, such that if anyone is caught going against the roles, appropriate punishment should be given to such persons. SARS officials have been reported to be involved in several killings in the process of collecting huge sum of money from people who they label 'Yahoo-Yahoo'. 

The Police in the other end is to conduct investigations and prosecute serious and complex criminal cases within and outside the Country. We now see the Police take bribes from vehicles in a bid to arresting so-called criminals. Has the Police force really reduced the level of insecurity in the country? 

Who is the Accounting authority for SARS and Police?

SARS is a branch of the Nigeria Police Force under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID). The Police and SARS officials both report to the Inspector General of Police. The way these two operate makes me wonder if they have a body they report to. 

Could you also recall Boko Haram terrorists were defeated by SARS officers in January? They defeated the terrorists and recovered several weapons from them. This is a task our Nigerian Police couldn't have been able to handle since inception. If they are given the chance with the high number of weapons being disbursed to them by the Federal government Boko Haram will be forgotten.

Have the Police and SARS honourably dispensed their duties accordingly?

Have they showed true dedication and hard work in their line of duty?

Would you also agree with me that SARS has helped to curb crime better than the Nigerian Police?

Kindly share your opinion in the comment section

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