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Yahoo Boy Forgets To Change Location ~ See Reactions.

Everyday is a new story of scam or of impersonation and a lot of other cyber crimes, each and everyone of us know of victims or Know a Yahoo boy or girl directly or Indirectly. The question is if what they are doing is right, this country Nigeria is fraudulent and full of liars, right from the government downwards.

Not long ago it was discovered that the EFCC chief has been collecting uncharted money Into his personal account and was arrested, if the people in charge of stoping crimes commit them, why then should Yahoo boys who are simply trying to do the same be stopped?

All these are questions that run through Nigerians(mostly the cyber criminals) head everyday and they are yet to be answered. The rate which young boys used to enter into Yahoo and scamming people is alarming. They do this because the leaders only leave bad examples, their greatest fear is being caught because the so called EFCC won't take it easy with them. Here is a Yahoo boy/girl who forgot to change his location after putting all the necessary pictures and details. He/She forgot to change the location, see:

This is really funny as he/she just gave the officials in charge a go ahead to interrogate him or her, here are some hilarious comment screenshots:

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