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History, Biography and More Photos of Tyrese Devon Haspil The Suspected Murder Of Gokada CEO.

Who is Tyrese Devon Haspil ?

Tyrese Devon Haspil is a man from New York who is accused of murdering Fahim Saleh a tech entrepreneur who was found dead and dismembered on 13 July, 2020 in his Manhattan apartment.

Haspil was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. According to Police business theft may have been the motive for murder.


Haspil is a self - described "entrepreneur" who graduated from a Long Island High school where he competed in business contest in web design and won.

Mr. Haspil graduated from Central High School in Valley Stream, N.Y., where he won an award for website design, according to local news articles. In 2017, he entered Hofstra as a member of its class of 2021.

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Tyrese Devon Haspil's Career

Haspil “worked as Saleh’s chief of staff at his venture capital firm Adventure Capital” and “acted as his personal assistant.” He handled his finances and personal matters.

Detectives believe that he began working for Mr. Saleh when he was 16, and eventually started managing some of his finances as well as taking care of personal matters, like caring for his dog. One official said Mr. Saleh paid him well enough that he was able to settle the debts of several members of his family.


Tyrese Devon Haspil is 21 years old as of 2020.

Parents and Family

Tyrese Devon Haspil's parents and family are not yet known.



Social Media Account

Typrese Devon Haspil's instagram account @tyresehaspil is set to private

At the time of his death, Mr. Saleh was the chief executive of Gokada. A motorcycle ride-sharing venture in Nigeria.. and Hhe later oversaw a shift in its business during a turbulent time. In February, Nigerian officials began enforcing a ban on motorcycle taxis in major commercial and residential parts of the country’s largest city, Lagos.

Gokada was forced to halt its ride-hailing business and laid workers off, but Mr. Saleh pivoted the company to focus on food and parcel delivery and business logistics.

His passion for Nigeria and its youth was immeasurable,”. “He believed young Nigerians were extremely bright and talented individuals who would flourish if just given the right opportunity.”

The initial idea was to have people transported across Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, by motorcycle. 

In its first year of operation, Gokada was said to have secured 1,000 bikes giving around 5,000 rides across the crowded city each day. 

But the firm ran into difficulty in February of this year after a ban went into effect that expressly forbid motorbike taxis.  

The ban came suddenly and without warning after the Lagos state government said a ban was needed because of ‘accidents, and disorderliness caused by the vehicles’.

As a result of the ban, commuters were left stranded and many were forced to travel on packed public transport instead.

The firm stopped bringing in money and around 800 bikers working for Gorkada were immediately laid off.  

The ban came at a difficult moment for Gokada which had just raised $5.3 million in funding from Rise Capital, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, in May 2019. 

‘As a business, we kind of have to just roll with the punches and a lot of those people that we had to lay off were very focused on the transport sector of the business,’ Saleh told CNN earlier this year. 

In an emotional plea to Nigerian officials to reverse the decision in February, Saleh said: ‘It’s not my country. It’s a country that I feel has amazing potential and amazing people and an opportunity to shine. 

‘The drivers, every one of them, wasn’t there because they just wanted to make money. They were there because they had families, children, dreams, they wanted to start businesses. They wanted to go to school.

‘They had degrees already but they couldn’t find jobs. We were hoping that a lot of these drivers wouldn’t be drivers forever, we were hoping that we could place them in higher jobs in Gokada and create a beautiful community which was developing slowly and,it was really something that moved me to the point where I was OK putting all my money in, all my effort in.

‘Gokada is not just a business. We do things that nobody else did at the time.

‘This has definitely been a blow.’  

The company decided to attempt to pivot and become a delivery and logistics company with a new boat hailing service that would run vessels that could hold up to 24 people – but then the global pandemic struck, putting future plans on hold.

‘The drivers here at Gokada, were not there to make money, they were here because they had families, they have children, they have dreams,’ Saleh told CNN.

Mr. Saleh, was also the founding partner in a Manhattan-based venture capital fund, Adventure Capital, that invested in similar transit start-ups in Colombia and Bangladesh.

Good night to a legend.

Nigerians , kindly drop a comment to appreciate late Mr Saleh for what hr has done

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