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"She Must Not Abort The Pregnancy" Father Says After Impregnating Daughter (Full Details)

A young girl and her father, Eromosele Muhmud were reported by Instablog Naija today for commiting incest. According to reports, Mr Muhmud allegedly impregnated his 16 year-old Daughter and said it mustn't be aborted. 

Mr Muhmud is a 47 year-old man who was paraded on Thursday by the Rivers State Police Command to have been sexually abusing his ward since she clocked 12. 

The man who appears educated was interviewed by the press and he said:

"This is a battle I have tried to fight over the years and it seems to be much bigger than me. I am not going to withdraw any fact or truth as far as this case is concerned."

Mr Muhmud narrated how it all started saying, "I can't really remember when it started, but like I told you, it's more of a spiritual thing. It is very unusual for a father to be sleeping with his own daughter."

Mr Muhmud said if going to prison would make him free from the yokes of Satan and set his daughter lose, he's willing to be imprisoned. While talking about the state of the young girl, who's now pregnant, he said:

"I am not a party to abortion, so whatever it is, the social welfare People and other government officials involved in this matter know the best way to handle this pregnancy; as a father, I cannot support abortion for my daughter, what if anything happens to her in the process?"

Mr Muhmud recounted how he's been molesting her sexually saying, "I don't rape her regularly; it happens once or twice in a year; she used to be very cooperative, even when I don't want it, she tries to force herself on me."

This last statement of his was counted by the victim (daughter) who said he forces himself on her whenever he feels like. According to her:

"It was my father who impregnated me; he started having sex with me when I was 12 year-old."

The daughter who's embittered by this also recalls how it all started saying, "The first time he came and lay with me on the bed, when I tried to scream, he told me to shut up that my mates were doing the same thing and anytime I refused to allow him, he would not buy anything for me and he would refuse to pay my school fees."

My People, What do you think about this man and his daughter?

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