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Consequences of The Excessive Desire for Material Wealth Amongst Nigerians.

We reside in a nation where it is believed that accumulating wealth is no problem at all. It all seems normal to us, it is taken as a do or die affair to most of us. If properly examined, we will notice that as basic as accumulation of wealth might seem, it actually does have it's adverse effects, some of which include:

1. Increase in crime rate: Trying to be wealthy is a basic innocent mindset which I believe everyone has but the problem now is how we try to achieve that goal of being wealthy. Many of us use our zeal to be wealthy as an excuse to venture into illegal activities. We now have a lot of youth getting involved in cyber fraud, armed robbery, kidnapping, and other vices of such, just for the pursuit of wealth. If this mindset of ours isn't changed, the crime rate will become much more higher than it already is.

2. Corruption: I believe majority of us can relate to this. Corruption is everywhere, even within the so called anti-corruption agencies. Our insatiable desire to accumulate wealth has led to majority of people (both citizens and leaders) to have a corrupt mindset.

3. Chronic poverty: When the average citizens are making plans to become rich and the rich are planning to become richer, what then becomes of the less privileged citizens of the country? Of course, they are left out in this planning thereby causing more poverty in the country.

4. Bad image: It's no new thing that when a country has a very high crime rate and is globally known as a corrupt nation, such a country will be painted badly by and to other countries. Simple put, excessive desire for wealth leads to corruption, and corruption leads to a bad image.

I hope we've all learn something from this article. Planning to be wealthy isn't bad but having an excessive desire to be wealthy such that you don't mind the way in which you achieve this is.

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