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If at The Mid night your wife Hit you with her leg 5 times, What does it mean? Man asked on Facebook

Many men find it very difficult to understand the body language of the women especially their wife.Women are very good at making signs for everything they want to do which they find it hard to talk by their mouth.

A young man 'Jeremiah Jeremiah ' has recently posted a question in the Facebook group called LOVE ZONE.Currently the question is making wave on Facebook and it has gotten alot of reaction from both men and women.His question goes "If at The Mid night your wife Hit you with her leg 5 times,What does it mean?" .

Some men insisted that she wants to go to toilet and she needed you to escort her.Others reveal that she needs cucumber .

Some also added that ,it is a sign that you should do your first duty so that tomorrow's own won't interrupt it.

What do you also suggest to be the reason or reasons for won't to do such attitude at night?

Drop your suggestion and don't forget to share , follow,like and comment.

See some of their Reactions in the screenshots below

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LOVE ZONE.Currently The Mid


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