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Let Come Together And Stop Rape In Nigeria.

Let Come Together And Stop Rape In Nigeria.

What Is Rape?

In Nigeria, Rape is a sexual assault involving sexual intercourse against a person without that his or her permission.

What Are Effects Of Rape.

According to the world health organization, the effects of rape includes;

1.) Sexual disorder

2) Infertility

3.) Reproductive disorder

4.) Pelvic inflammatory disease

5.) Pregnancy complications

6.) Miscarriages

7.) Sexual dysfunctions

8.) STD

9.) Depression

10 Increased risk of Suicide.

How Can You Treat A Victimize Person Suffering From Rape?

The least that you can do is to give emotional support and this can help reduce the risk of their trauma. You can always call the law enforcement or the medical service providers when it comes to treating a rape victim.

How Can You Prevent Yourself Against Rape?

1.) Never follow strangers

2.) If you feel followed, switch to a new route were more people are present.

3.) Don't go out at night, but if you must, go with a group of true friends.

4.) Beware of your environment no matter where you find yourself.

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