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Confirmation Message: See What To Do If You Receive This Type Of Message From Npower (Opinion).

The Npower registration is still very much on and over four million of Nigerians have registered so far as they all await their confirmation message from Npower officials.

Confirmation message is the message to be sent to every applicants who successfully applied for the Npower job. This message indicate that a candidate's application for the Npower job have been confirmed, as well notifying them the next step to be taken in the course of being among the 400,000 persons to be selected as beneficiaries of batch C.

This article specifically seek to caution all npower applicants about the fake message that are been sent to them by scammers whose aim is to hack into applicant's bank account and made away with their money.

This is to stress that every applicant should be in the know that no Npower official will sent a message requesting for bank details like your PIN, Debit card details and other details. Such message is solely from scammers. Record shows that fake sms are been sent to applicants after their registration and many have fall victims of the scam, and it's seriously affecting them.

Here is what to do if you receive this type of message from Npoower. Mind you it's not directly from Npower, it's solely from group of scammers using the name of Npower.

Immediately you receive a message claiming to be from Npower, make sure you are able to differentiate a real message from a fake message claiming to have come from Npower. This is how you can know and recognize a fake message from Npower:

1. Npower will never send you a message that will in any way request for your personal account details, specifically your transaction card details.

2. Npower will never ask you as an applicant to reply their message for whatsoever reason.

3. No Npower official will call you on phone to request something from you.

4. Npower message will not come with a phone number.

5. Npower officials will not ask you to call or send them a message for your verification.

Once you are able to identify this fake news from Npower and accept that Npower will never ask you to do all aforementioned then you are many steps away from becoming the scammers' victim.

Lastly and the most important thing to do after identifying to have receive a message from fake Npower is to report the contact contained in the message and other details to the police for traces and possible arrest of the scammers.

Content created and supplied by: Day-TrustNews (via Opera News )

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