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Lady Beats Her Maid To Pulp For Going Out To Play (Photos)

There have been several cases of children being Brutalized by aunties, uncles and even random people they sent to live with.

Most parents send their children to live and work as a maid or house boy for people they don't even know. The safety of a child should be the outmost priority to the parents.

It is known that most women tend to treat a child who they did not give birth to badly and abuse them for no reason. Some even starve this children for days and at the end, they still give them house chores to do.

A twitter user @harrisonmbamara shared some photos of a maid who was beaten mercilessly to pulp the woman she lives with all because she went out to play while she was out of the house.

According to the photos he shared, he wrote: "As seen, she did this to her maid for going outside to play when she went out"

How can a woman do this to another woman's child just because she went out to play like every other children in the neighborhood.

Parents should stop sending their children to live with people they don't know. No woman can take care of your child the way you will do it.

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