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End of The Wicked Prince part 2


Then the competition begins and chisom the son of mazi Emeka who is among the cabinet men won the competition and was awarded with the large portion of land as was promised by the king.

Prince David went back to his uncle and asked him that now that the competition is over what are the plans concerning my father and mazi Okoye replied. it is very wise for you to have come back before taking any action .

I will take you to a very strong medicine man in our neighbouring village, now go and come back when the moon is fully out and don't forget nobody should see you; okay uncle i will do just that so he left and came back just as he was instructed by his uncle.

The left for their mission deep inside the forest they went and saw the great medicine man. Stop there you mortals the medicine man exclaimed, take off your shoe's for you are standing on an unusual ground and in fear they obeyed.

What brought you to my shrine? wise one before he could altar another word the medicine man interrupted let the young man speak for himself because he must be responsible for his actions.

Speak up the medicine man exclaimed. Wise one i have come because of my father has showed too much care to his people more than me his first son; so my son what do you want me to do for you, the wise man asked. Wise one i want you to eliminate him, then the medicine man said is that all you want.. yes wise one; then it is done my son just take this egg home before he sleeps at night call his name three times and hide it under his bed and make sure no one see's you... okay wise one i will do just that and they left.

Just before the king was about to go to bed the Prince ran as fast as he could and went straight to the kings room and he did every thing the wise man told him and followed the instruction carefully.

The next morning before the cork crow the Queen shout out loud: somebody help me, somebody help me: the children ran to the kings room to know what the problem is and on reaching there they saw their father lying dead.. father father wake up please don't do this to us, but at that time there was nothing they could do because the king was already dead.....

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David Emeka The Wicked Prince


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