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Nigerian father caught flogging his daughter for disobeying his order

As it is found in the scripture that "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him", same is the case of this Nigerian father who was captured flogging his daughter who is above the age of 18, which in Nigeria is refers to as the adult age or age of maturity. 

When you're 18 years of age, everybody believes you're now at the age at which you can decide on your own what to do and not to do. 

But in the case of this lady, reverse is the case, a video which was posted online by Instablog9ja today shows a father seriously beating his adult daughter simply because she go against his instruction.

Click link to see video 👇

What exactly does the girl do? 

According to Instablog9ja, the said lady was warned by her father not join a certain group chat on whatsApp messenger, in which she later joined, Father being a watchful parent on her daughter got angry after he discovered, was unable to hide his temper, which led to him dealing violently with his daughter, beating her non stop like a real African dad does. 

As it is this days, social media has become a general phenomenon in which many youth has failed themselves and their future, thereby causing the parents to be the victim of criticism. All parents should endeavour to always monitor their children on what they do especially online with their phone or PC, regardless of their age or qualifications to avoid future regrets. 

Did the father do the right thing by flogging her or there should be other way to show his aggression over the lady. 

Please your opinion will be highly welcome, let's all learn together. 

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