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I found out that my cousin is getting married to the guy who raped me 6 years ago

So let's skip the part where i introduce myself

I was in 300lv when that unfortunate incident happened. I was on my way back from a vigil when he attacked me with his friends,meanwhile he has been disturbing me a couple of months ago,he keeps saying that he wants to date him,that if I don't I was gonna regret it.well I did that on the night of their graduation.

I was on my way back from a vigil when he attacked me with some of his friends,they took me to a room,probably his,they forced a drink down my throat,and after they made me swallow it,I became weak all of a sudden,I was paralyzed...Tears roll down my eyes,and I wached as that monster forced himself on me....I think I fainted at a point,by the time I woke up the following morning they were gone..

I couldn't report the incident because of the shame that comes along with it

Few months later I found out that I was pregnant,I had to abort the baby ,a decision am gonna regret for the rest of my life.

My womb was destroyed due to the abortion I had ,I was advised to redraw from the university I was studying.

I started learning hair dressing and 6 years later I already have 6 shops of my own.

Now back to the present,my cousin just got back to Nigeria from the united state of america with her fiance,guess who the fiancee was,of course it was the monster who r*ped me years ago.....he was shocked to see me too....he acted like he didn't know me the first day we met and I did the same.

Later that evening ,he came to my house I wonder who gave him my address...He started apologizing telling me he was sorry to everything that happened to me in the past,and that he is now a changed man and blah blah blah you know how that he begged me not to tell my cousin what happened, ams seriously confused now I don't know what to do anymore,I wanna get my revenge too but I don't wanna ruin my cousin's wedding..

Am confused what do I do?

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