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How Bill Gates Arrest Inspired Photo Outline In Various Microsoft Application

Do you know that Bill Gates was twice arrested for breaking laws and taken to the station as well?

This brought about the famous mugshot pictures seen everywhere in Microsoft computer. I bet you never knew.

Crimes are committed everyday of our lives and the crime fighters are doing everything humanly possible to make sure they are minimized to the lowest rate.


Many never knew Bill Gates was slightly hot-headed back when he was a teenager.

In 1975, he was driving without a license and speeding. While he was stopped by the police and asked for his license, he began screaming at him which led to his arrest. And in 1977 he was once again arrested for driving without having a license and not bothering to stop at a sign. And as usual he was taken to the police station where the famous mugshot was taken which will go on to inspired the photo outline in all Microsoft Application in all computer of the world.

The fact he's smiling while taking the shot brought about this crispy cool look of the photo.


Can You See It Now?!🧐

gates-outlook-75148-ef7c6516cfb2,750,470,0,0.jpg Perhaps looking at the pictures will open your eyes where the photo outline came from which is seen in Microsoft computer.

Did I hear you say wow?😱

What do you think of this idea and Bill Gates himself.

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