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Remember The 47-Year-Old Man Who Impregnated His Daughter In Portharcourt? See Photos Of Him

Remember The 47-Year-Old Man Who Impregnated His Daughter In Portharcourt? See Photos Of Him

Wonders they say shall never end. When you think you've seen it all, then something worse comes up. How can a father look his younger daughter in the eye and only think of defiling her?

It's all shades of wrong. Very wrong. Please if you're part of it, desist from the act. You're only ruining the child's life.

In his words;

”I started making love to my daughter when she was about 12 years old in 2017.

“Whenever I am overpowered by evil forces l lay with her, and she doesn't complain"

Police in Rivers have arrested a 47 year old man, Eromonsele Mahmud, for impregnating his 16 years old daughter who he said he has been sleeping with from when she was 12 years old.

He actually confessed his crimes himself.

He insisted that it was a spiritual problem. He also added that his daughter began enjoying it and was the one who initiates it sometimes.


The part that got everyone surprised was when he said he would not let her terminate the pregnancy. He insists that she keeps it. Because he doesn't support abortion.

I don't know why he should have done that to his daughter to the extent of getting her pregnant.

She's your child for God's sake! Now you've changed her life forever. Hope you're happy now? You've ruined her and it's going to take a long time for her to heal.

What is this world trying into? Where children are no longer safe with their parents?

God please have mercy on us.

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