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Husband and wife relationship

TRAGIC:Woman exposes husband who repeatedly flogs her with wire over a little argument.

It is so worrisome to know that marriage which was one time somebody's fantasy has now become her nightmare. Amongst every other punishment for a disobedient wife, flogging or battering is the height of it and must be cautiously controlled. Infact it should be considered as a crime punishable by law say "5 years imprisonment."

A woman whose name was undisclosed and a member of a popular group for singles and married on Facebook, took to the platform to share her ordeal with her husband. She narrated how her husband used television (AV) wire to flog her over a little argument.

How can a woman's ones loving husband become a monster overnight.

How did we go wrong?

How did we get here?

Who did we offend?

Who cursed marriage?

Too many questions demanding answers but no one to answer.


She further disclosed that this wasn't the first time he is doing so, she said when she was three months pregnant he mercilessly flogged her and even now that the baby is one year and one month. Hmmmm, this is a bizarre release, how can a sane man beat and vent such a heinous assault on his pregnant wife. This really is one of the reasons why singles are scared of getting married because they now see it as a war zone and a lifetime imprisonment.

She seems to be insuring the marriage because she has asked her fb family to advice her on whether to leave the marriage or still remain. She says she's now a shadow of herself.

Meanwhile, below are some of the Facebook excerpts for your perusal.

From the various comments of people, one can say logically that no one is in support of such an inhumane act.

Your advice is welcomed in the comments section.

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