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How Do We Get Justice For Man Who Committed Suicide Over False Rape Allegation?

Twitter is experiencing a meltdown over the news of the suicide of a young man named Legend Izu Madubueze which was broken by his friend on Twitter. a woman known has Nani on Twitter weeks ago accused Izu of raping someone whose identity she refused to release. 

Against all his protestations to clarify his name, Nani refused to disclose who his accuser is. Izu would later find his name on a rape offenders' list curated by Nani. Being unable to deal with the backlash, Izu decided to require his life knowing he was frustrated in trying to clearing his name.

From investigations administered , it had been revealed that Izu didn't rape his accuser. In fact, his accuser was the one into him. Though they made out once, Izu was clear that he couldn't give her the eye she wanted. Feeling spurned, she decided to nail him with a false accusation. 

It's unfortunate that a young man committed suicide due to a false accusation of rape. It's more unfortunate that he didn't get the prospect to clear his name. Izu's death has started a conversation on the truth of false accusations.

This writer has once argued on this medium that there should be punishment for false rape accusations even as much there should be punishment for rapists. Unfortunately, false accusations of rape are a true thing and that we must be very open about this conversation. 

That some women would want to weaponise rape for whatever reason does far more harm than good within the fight against rape and sexual abuse . False rape allegations cheapen the traumatic experiences of actual rape victims. for each discovered false rape allegation, the believability of real rape allegation decreases. 

In law and jurisprudence, an individual is presumed innocent until they're proven guilty within the court of law. That a person has been accused of rape doesn't mean he's a rapist. we'd like to know that at the purpose of allegation, he's presumed innocent. 

We don't got to believe all women. What we rather should do is give all accusers the platform to substantiate their claim which is that the court of law. the simplest justice we will get an alleged victim of rape isn't by media trial or creating a rape offenders list when we've not established any case within the court.

As uncomfortable because it sounds, the accused has the elemental right to hearing . He must air his own side of the story. he's still presumed innocent. We don't got to cancel him supported an allegation that has not been substantiated. we should always not upend the method of justice simply because it is a rape allegation. 

A young man is dead today because the entire world believed he was the rapist he wasn't. Rape is completely abhorrent and evil. then is fake allegations of rape.

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