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How Benin City’s Curfew Is Directly Affecting Artisans But Indirectly Favouring Sex Workers

How Benin City’s Curfew Is Directly Affecting Artisans, Religious Houses But Indirectly Favouring Sex workers Despite The Lockdown

Most people that do not reside in Benin-City may find this difficult to believe but it is happening without hindrance. Since the federal government of Nigeria has given its command on the lockdown, the people of Benin-city have totally committed their minds to be obedient to the law but the so-called sex workers has never complied and I believe that this article will be a wake-up call to the Edo state security operatives.

Up till today, the artisans, religious organisations, clothes merchants, small business firms, schools and shops dealing with non-foodstuff are not allowed to operate their businesses while all churches remain closed.

Whenever the artisans mistakenly open their shops or the people selling non-food materials mistakenly open their stalls, you would see the security operatives with their guns rushed to the venue and arrest the culprit.

All the people of Benin-city are fully aware now that campaign against the deadly pandemic called “coronavirus” is real and they are ready to comply to any directives from the government but the so-called sex workers in some area in Benin-City are fully working, their own domain is widely open and several men are seen with them, they don’t even care to observe the law of social distancing they just go ahead in their activities.

If you doubt me please visit Obagie, Ogheghe, Third junction, Eka and so on, whenever you want to go please let it be from 8 pm you will see things for yourself.

Presently I think the Nigeria law stipulated that restriction on movement should be observed by 8 pm but that time Is when you would be hearing high sounds from their domain while you would see them outside there domain with several men, in fact, you will be confused.

It is so disheartening to know that the security operatives that are expected to put a stop to their activities are always seen with them, even taking some into their patrol van and taking them away, I was appalled to know later that all these so-called security operatives are patronizing them hence the reason why their confidence knows no bound.

At this juncture, I want to beseech governor Obaseki to please swing to action because it’s so dangerous as all these so-called sex workers can be so harmful by spreading the pandemic to the general public since their activities are not checked.

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