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This simple but common technology could have helped prevent the death of Flight Lt. Arotile.

Since the death of Flight Lieutenant Tolulope Arotile, its been one counter argument over the other on social media.

Late Flight Lieutenant Tolulope Arotile.

The cause of her death still rock shrills and shocks amongst interested Nigerians and foreigners alike.

Hardly any one can admit that her death was not preventable, and not even the grieving family can agree with military authorities on the grounds that a freak accident led to her death.

Freaky freaky or not, the investigators are not doing well oinn!

Technically speaking, some preventable measures are meant to have been put in place. This time, not just speed limits and speed breakers that you find in a lot of barracks through out the country.

A single unit outdoor CCTV surveillance Camera.

A comprehensive CCTV( Close Circuit TV) surveillance system should have come in handy, in either preventing such an accident from happening or a capturing of the incident could have helped in aiding an investigation party.

If her death was a case of criminal intrusion, then the presence of a camera would help in reducing the possibility of a capable homicide under the preying eyes of strategically positioned CCTVs.

Some may argue that CCTVs could be compromised so as not to show adequate evidence after a perimeter crime has been committed.

Alternately, the establishing of one within an area could have change the mind of the perpetrator to commit a crime elsewhere.

CCTVs don't come really cheap, however, they have a remarkable record for preventing crime and bursting criminals after the acts have been purposefully carried out.

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