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Funny Crimes you committed when you were in school

Everyone has committed one offence or the other in school,and you must have done one of this,not even the best student can go through school without doing something wrong whether you like it or not.

Check out this Funny Crimes students commits in school when influenced by the devil

Stealing Someone's Pot Of Food from The Fire

Imagine after hustling to get food to eat and in the process of preparing your meal,you went somewhere just to come back and discover your food has been stolen.This crimes are mostly done in boarding schools.

Stealing peoples clothes

Washing and drying your clothes is a normal thing to do,but being in school whether boarding or higher institution,washing and drying your clothes is a risky task because you have to watch your clothes when you dry clothes to avoid your clothes from being stolen.

Mocking your teacher when he wasn't looking at you

This is a crime that everybody that went to any level in school committed including you and me,sometimes teachers can be annoying and provoke you to the point you will mock them whenever you see them while they aren't looking at you.


There is no way on earth you escape commiting this crime! Believe me.Once upon a time you might seen a pen on the floor and took it as your own.

Missing Class Once Or Several times

This is something students mostly do in school,skipping class is something that no student should do.

Pretending You Are not Well So You Can Go Home

Its one of the most used excuses to escape school,am sure almost all students did this to go home or avoid being beaten.

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