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See 4 Celebrities arrested for Internet Fraud

Good day guys today I'll be showing you 4 celebrity arrested for internet fraud, but before we start kindly click on the follow button up there.

1. HushPuppi

The most extravagant Yahoo Boy in Nigeria passes by the name of Ray HushPuppi. HushPuppi can be viewed as the most extravagant Yahoo kid in 2020. Beam doesn't conceal his wealth yet parades them via web-based media.

This unexplained riches prompted unexplained popularity. He was consistently glad for his Rolls Royce, Bentley, chateaus in Dubai, and his "prosperity" pulled in a ton of uninformed Nigerians. He gladly exhibited all that he had online for individuals to appreciate.

This rich yippee kid was once depicted as the Nigerian lord of Gucci and brand minister of this attire line. Hushpuppi additionally shared photographs and recordings of himself buying costly wears from Versace, Fendi, Puma, Adidas, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and different creators in Dubai.

Hushpuppi has a different vehicle conveying his things and even a private helipad in his Dubai chateau. Trust me, when I let you know, Hushpuppi is likely the most extravagant Yahoo kid on the planet.

So trust me with no contention that Hushpuppi is the Richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria. Before this article was refreshed, Hushpuppi was worth about $3 million. The examinations completed by the Dubai Police Force refuted that my figures were.

The FBI uncovered that Hushpuppi has procured in any event $450 Million from customers and speculators from the whole way across the world.

Hushpuppi runs a Visa and protection trick that focus on the tip top residents of the US, UK, Austria, Luxembourg, France, South Africa, and a few pieces of Asia and the Middle East.

Luckily, Hushpuppi has been captured by the Dubai police power in a secret activity labeled "Activity Foxhunt 2". He was captured close by 12 other web fraudsters including Mr. Woodberry, Jamal, and Fish Sticks.

Up until now, this gathering has defrauded near a million people from over the world and even had around 3 million possible casualties in their objective rundown. This person must be the most dedicated con artist on the planet.

He was likewise named by the EFCC to be the most needed con artist in Nigeria.

2. Invictus Obi

Obinwanne Okeke otherwise called Invictus Obi is likewise one of the most extravagant hurray young men situated in America. He tumbled from magnificence to remains, from Forbes to extortion. He is as of now in n FBI detainment focus anticipating sentence from his violations.

Invictus Obi beat Mompha to have his spot as the second most extravagant hurray kid in Nigeria after his plans on the dim web and other false acts were uncovered by both the EFCC and the FBI.

Invictus Obi is liable for running one of the greatest digital extortion in Nigeria.

Before he was captured, Obinwanne Okeke carried on with an extremely private life, away from the web-based media spotlike dissimilar to a portion of his universities that display their riches on Instagram.

Invictus Obi carried on with a day to day existence so immaculate that he was portrayed by Forbes as"one of Africa's most extraordinary business people under the period of 30″.He demolished his notoriety since he was Yahoo kid L how pitiful is that?

Obinwanne George Okeke has additionally been known to be a vital participant in a class of a cybercrime partner that represents considerable authority in business email bargain.

The tale of Hushpuppi and Invictus implies something very similar. On the off chance that you are a Nigerian that possesses a deceitful online business, you will without a doubt get captured, captured, and condemned on the off chance that you don't exactly that negative behavior pattern now.

Invictus Obi has a Master's qualification in International Relations and Counter-Terrorism from Monash University in Australia, making him the most instructed yippee kid on this rundown.

3. Mompha

Who do you think own Mompha Bureau De Change in Lagos State? Oga Mompha Money is a rich finance manager situated in Lagos State. The venture capital he uses to maintain his business isn't in any case known yet a ton of fingers are highlighting fake exercises over the dull web.

Mompha has posted huge amounts of photographs on his web-based media handles where he presents behind multi-million Naira manor, costly vehicles, or holding groups of cash that would live your mouth wide agape.

He is unquestionably one of the Richest Yahoo Boys in Nigeria. Mompha is another cybercriminal that was captured and charged by the EFCC however was delivered for absence of proof. Yet, I sure he paid out.

Ismail Mustapha is a Nigerian Big Boy and proprietor of the Mompha Bureau De Change in Bankole Street, Balogun, Lagos Island. Indeed, even his genuine business was unregistered actually making unlawful. A great deal of our sources have said that he utilizes it to launder cash for lawmakers.

Mompha is a donor and most popular for his lavish way of life. He is hitched and the second the dad of a male youngster. He has additionally been seen around numerous rich Nigerian government officials.

4. Lord B

Arrested for fraud Bitcoin months ago but has been released this month, he was known as B Lord And he was most strongly influenced him to have been released so early, not like the others.

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