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See the names of Nigerians that have destroyed the image of the country in 2019/2020

Many Nigerians are not aware of the how badly the news of Nigerians that are corrupt affects every one till they get an opportunity to work for a foreign company or individual. 

I have lost so many gigs that would have earned me good pay just because I mentioned that I am a Nigerian. Then you could imagine how many people have been affected. 

Whatever that is happening in this country, the world is watching and taking notes. From 2019 to 2020, more than 200 Nigerians have been caught abroad for online scams. If you add those that were caught for drugs and other things, the numbers will be very high. Below are the top names of people that have helped in destroying the image of Nigeria in 2020.

1. Hushpuppi

Hushpuppi is among the people that have brought more problems to Nigerians doing legitimate work to survive. He did his crime in Dubai but he is from Nigeria. And because of the agenda against Nigeria, whenever his name is being mentioned, Nigeria will be included. 

2. Invictus Obi

Invictus like Hushpuppi was also an online fraudster. His arrest dent the image of the country. You hardly see Invictus name mentioned in his fraud case without the name of the country Nigeria not surfacing.

3. Woodberry

Woodberry is Hushpuppi close friend. They both were arrested same period.

Some others arrested in the Us are;

Nnamdi Orson, Kayode Biola Ayorinde, Ogunshakin Alex Afolabi, Okpoh Felix Osilama, Olorunyomi Michael and Uzuh Richard Izuchukwu

Content created and supplied by: Louis1234 (via Opera News )

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