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Don't Be A Victim Of Rape - These Are Helpful Tips And Strategies To Protect You

Don't Be A Victim Of Rape - These Are Helpful Tips And Strategies To Protect You

Rape is becoming very popular in our society nowadays and to not be a victim, there are some strategies you must try to understand. To not become a victim of rape, awareness is one of the best defense that will protect you. Some of these behaviors include:

1. Hold up your head while walking confidently, directly and at a steady pace to your destination

2. If you started having the sense of danger within you, try all you can to escape from the situation by running as fast as you can from the place.

3. Try all the possible means to attract attention to yourself. You can do this by shouting “Call 911” or “Fire.”

4. If you are being followed by unknown people, change your movement and direction to a well-lit area where there are many people who can help you.

5. If you always walk or jog every day, make sure you always change your time of walk and route. Following the same route every time may make the perpetrators predict your movement pattern.

6. Stay alert, awake and aware. Always watch out for the ins and outs of each building you found yourself going into. For people going into crowded places like nightclubs, don't forget to notify at least one person about where you are going or who you are going to meet. Always remain alert by turning around and taking a look at the person around you or standing behind you.

Take a self-defense course

1. Always believe in your “instincts.” If you are having a bad feeling about a person or a situation, you must leave the person or the situation immediately

2. Always make use of the emergency call boxes that are located in every corner of the campus or anywhere. If you have no access to phone around you, make sure you try to find the “emergency call box” whenever you feel unsafe.

3. If you found yourself walking in an unsafe area or you found yourself in an emergency situation, don't hesitate to put a call through to the law enforcement agency or the police.

4. If you notice anybody following you or you are not feeling great being with them, report to the police. Ask for help. 

Safety Tips – In Your Car

1. When you are in your car or you are outside, always lock your car and make sure you always check your car before entering. 

2. Always hold your car keys and be ready to unlock and turn on the ignition. In case it become necessary, your car keys can be used to defend yourself when you are in danger. 

3. If you feel that the car behind you is trailing you while driving, you must not stop and pullover, just keep going until you reach a well-lit place. In a clear place, you must be able to see people to assist you. If you can’t stop somewhere closer, you can just drive to the nearest police station. Let them know about the whole situation and seek help. 

4. Do not always use the public garages and parking lots with little or no light rays. At night, do not always walk to and from your care alone without any help. Ask a friend or a group of friends to follow you to and from the car.

5. If your car should break down in a bad environment, don't leave your car, stay indoors and lock yourself up. Call the police or someone for help. In case someone wants to help, just tell them the police are on their way to help. 

Safety Tips – At Home

1. Install good locks on all doors and always be ready to use them. Make sure the windows and doors of your house are locked and well secured

2. Don’t just open door for anyone, know them before opening doors. If you are requesting for a sales or repair person, you must ask to see their identification to confirm their identity. You must also ask the company on phone before allowing them into your house.

3. If anybody is knocking on your door to ask for assistance (like to assist with car trouble or to make a phone call), offer to call them the necessary help for him/her. Prevent yourself from being a victim by opening your door to a stranger. This is especially if you are living alone.

4. Be cautious when it comes to the use of the internet. Do not always reveal your personal information over the internet or the telephone.

5. Always draw your window blinds or curtains at night to prevent people from determining who is at home that time.

6. Do not put or hide your spare keys in obvious places like in a fake rock, in a potted plant, on the doorsill, under the mat etc. Always have your keys on you any time. leaving your keys laying out in plain view of others can make you a victim of rape and theft. 

Safety Tips – Dating

1. Chat with your partner concerning your desires. With this, you will have a fulfilling and stronger relationship

2. Avoid staying alone in isolated locations. Don’t always go into a secluded area with anybody. If you notice such, walk away as fast as possible.

3. Know your sexual limits and always say 'no' when you don't want something. That's your right and you can sue your partner for it. 

4. Set limit to your alcohol consumption as rape can occur when both of you are under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

5. Do not leave your drink to attend to something and never take drinks from anyone you don’t know or you don’t trust well. In short, do not take drinks from anyone!

6. Only attend parties with people or friends that you trust and know well. Always try to look out for one another and never leave your group to attend to someone else without notifying them.


These are some of the strategies that will help protect you from being a victim of rape. Try to be vigilant and stay at alert. Please share this post with your friends and family so that they can also learn to protect themselves. These days that rape is increasing, we need to stay safe and stay protected. 

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