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Will The Nigerian Government Surprise Us By Prosecuting Tolulope's Killer? UK-Based Pastor

Pastor Ayo Akerele is an Author, Public Speaker, Researcher, Leadership Expert and the Lead Pastor at Rhema For Living Assembly in London, United Kingdom. He took to his verified Facebook page, to call out on Nigerian Government to prosecute Tolulope's killer. 


Few days back, I was speaking to a senior minister in Nigeria about Nigeria, and to my surprise, he said, "If the church refuses to repent before God, our prayers for Nigeria may remain unanswered". It's the hard truth so many of us don't want to accept. God doesn't rubber stamp prayers, particularly in an environment of injustice, killings, bloodletting, evil and wickedness like Nigeria's. Let's go back to Tolulope's story. She was knocked down by her friend?. Ok, what's the name of the friend? Where is the car? When will she be charged for manslaughter? What do think would have happened if this had taken place in Canada or in the UK or in America? 

That is why those nations are prospering, even when they've got a lot of atheists and God haters in their countries. They take care of children; they take care of old people; they take care of pensioners; they take care of disabled people; they don't owe anyone salaries; they prosecute every offense; they criminalize injustice and inequality. These nations are practically aligning themselves with God's righteous principles. 

You can see what makes Nigeria a very peculiar country on earth. A nation with a proven track record of injustice and wickedness. A nation that has no value or respect for human lives. Thousands of innocent people are locked up in several prisons across the nation. Politicians are using people for rituals. Thousands are being murdered by insurgents, Police, SARS and co, and still, they rarely get any justice. You wonder why it seems like the more Nigerians pray, the worse the nation is becoming?.

It is righteousness that exalts nations. Righteousness refers to justice, equality, truth, fairness etc. This is where the church should be shining very brightly. But unfortunately, the remnants of faithful pastors in Nigeria are surrounded by a deluge of others who are making things very difficult for the faithful ones. If a revival of justice and truth breaks out in the body of Christ in Nigeria, in ten years, Nigeria will be rid of wicked politicians. 

The Christian community in Nigeria boasts of at least 80-90million professing Christians. If only 10million of this population become Josephs and Daniels in their offices, homes, businesses etc, a wave of change will sweep through Nigeria like never before. How? The responsibility is with the pastors. We shape values in the people. They will become what they see and hear us do. The light of the church shines brighter when darkness is at its thickest level. The bible says, "the ears of the Lord are not closed. It is our iniquity that's shutting him off" (Isaiah 59:1-2). 

While I was praying this morning, I said, "Lord please send a wave of purging and cleansing into the Nigerian church". When God answers my prayer and those of others that are scattered across Nigeria and around the world, a massive purging will spread across the Nigerian church and will expose and uproot all false preachers, while pruning and empowering the real and genuine servants of God.

My heart breaks for this precious soul and her parents. A shining star shot down in her prime!. I have very strong suspicion that her death was planned and executed clandestinely. The Holy Spirit stirred my heart to pray for her family this morning. Everyone involved in her death has sowed the wind and will reap the whirlwind. Everyone involved in her death has just murdered sleep.

They will pay severely for this before this year ends. Watch and see how their judgements will come. The evil bow before the good and the wicked at the gate of the righteous. Rest on sweet soul!.

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