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Reason Rapist keep increasing

Raping increases because some people have an insatiable sexual drive.

Who is a Rapist?

Rapist is a person who is trying to reach a completely different unconscious goal while believing that he is just satisfying his sexual desire.

Each human behavior doesn't map to a single psychological need but instead the same behaviour could appear because of many different psychological needs

. In other words 10 rapers could rape for 10 different reasons.

Following are few of the major reasons:-

Dealing with rejection: What does rejection has to do with rape? one of the reasons a man could rape a woman is to make up for the rejection he felt earlier by the opposite sex. By overpowering someone from the opposite sex the man can feel relieved of the shame of rejection. You might be wondering why a man who was r

ejected by a woman rapes another one but when you know that the subconscious mind believes that people who share certain similarities are the same person then everything will become clear.

Feeling superior to women: All men want to f eel superior to women but some of them fall prey to low self confidence issues which forces them to believe that they are inferior to women. In such a case the shame becomes unbearable and those men start to find another way to feel superior.

Expression of power: The media teaches people indirectly that men are superior to women because of their ability to dominate them sexually. Because of these advertised beliefs some men start to seek that kind of domination in order to feel more manly. In other words some men rape women in order to assert their manhood especially if they had doubts about their own masculinity.

Revenge: Some men rape women in order to take revenge from that specific woman, from a woman who resembles her or from women in general. Lets suppose that a man had a very tough boss who happened to be a woman. In such a case that man will feel ashamed because his manhood is threatened by a woman and as a result he might feel like wanting to rape a woman who resembles her in order to feel good. Some people wonder why do some men rape old women who are above 60 or even 70 but when they know that the raper picks a target who resembles someone he already knows then the mystery will disappear.

Compensation: some men don't have a good social life and aren't any lucky when it comes to dating. Those men are put under pressure by their peers and as a result they start to experience shame. Some of those men start to become rapers in order to compensate for the lack of intimacy in their social lives.

Regaining control: If a man felt he is not in control of his life and he wasn't brave enough to regain that control in a socially acceptable way then he might become a raper just to overpower a helpless victim and so feel in control.

Of course there are plenty of other reasons. Each rape event is a different case and the motivates behind it could be completely different but in all cases the rape will happen to satisfy a certain Psychological needs.

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