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See The Lady That Was Almost Used For Money Ritual By Her Boyfriend And How She Survived.

Her name is Ameer Yusuf, she shared her near-death experience on twitter, and this got people thinking.

She wrote, "dating a yahoo boy is the most dangerous thing".

Just like every other day for her, she went to the bank for some transaction, there she met Richard, a cute, polite, and well dress guy.

He asked her out, immediately they got connected. 

They started dating, he told her that he was into real estate, but she noticed that he was a very secretive person. He answers only a few questions she always asked him, so she never really asks him a lot of questions.

One beautiful day, he asked her to accompany him to inspect a property at Asaba, Delta state. She was excited and they left, but not alone, with 2 other guys he said were his friends.

On the journey, he and the 2 guys never really talked as friends were supposed to talk. 

We got to Asaba late at night and he insisted we go straight to the property because he didn't want to waste much time in Asaba.

As we were going through a very lonely path, I fell unconscious.

Moments later, I woke up to see myself tied with a rope to the ground and an old man ranting incantation, in the presence of Richard and the other 2 guys.

My feet were washed and given to Richard to drink, which he drank. Immediately, we heard gunshots, that was how they all ran away and left me.

She advises ladies to stay away from yahoo boys because it's the most dangerous thing to do.

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