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Children on Rampage(Fiction)

Installing discipline in our children is Paramount to having peaceful environment devoid of all social vices. But when you allowed children to grow up without home training then your breeding children that would in the feature become a problem in the society. The armed robbers,the drug addicts and the fraudsters are someone's children. They became a problem to the society because their parents didn't install discipline and home training in them.

Kessa is a mother of eight, all she does is to give birth and immediately her children clock 2 years she forsake them at home and continued with her business. Her children are left to the mercy of neighbours. Kessa's children are just too troublesome. They go about fighting and looking for other people's trouble. They never minded their business.

Kessa's children created a barricade for children in the area. All they do is to stop any child passing the street and beat them. They also collect whatever items they were asked to buy.

One certain evening,Ganga a close neighbour of hers came over to her house and reported to her about her children's behaviors. Instead of thanking the woman or even investigating the issue,she gathered her children and told them the opposite. All Kessa did was to asked the children about the issue and they all denied. Trust children they won't ever blame themselves for any wrong instead they played Innocent and blandly denied what Ganga said.

The next morning, Kessa gathered her children and told them to beat any child that comes her way. All the children chanted yeah yeah. It was like a meeting being conducted by a gang or cult

Immediately Kessa left to her shop her children went on a 'Rampage. They became wild. Some took sticks while others were not harmed. They created a form of a barricade on the street. They stopped and beat every child they could lay their eyes on because their mother told them to do so.

It was when they beat a child of a policeman that brought them to other. The Police man arrested the mother and the children were taken to a juvenile reformatory centre for six months before sanity was restored in the area.

Don't be a bad parent let's built a healthy Society devoid of all social vices.

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Ganga Kessa


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