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Be A Father Not A Matured Male: A wake up call to all fathers in the society

It's true that a failed society reflect failed families dwelling therein. It's also a fact that every family is like the foundation of every building. Get it wrong and the whole building will collapse.

Every father must reflect true fatherhood from God who is called Abba Father. A father must promote God and everything he stands for in his family because that is where the right vales are birthed. 

Taking a queue from happing in our society today, morales and good values like integrity, respect for elders, patience among others, are being swept under the carpet. Families are failing, indecent dressing becomes the order of the day, cyber theft is encouraged by parents and most painfully, father rapes their own children at their own disposal.

As advised by the bible " except the Lord build the house, the builder build but in vain". This call is made to all fathers to go back and visit their foundation. They are encourage to unlearn to relearn the right value in order to project the right families that will reflect a better society.

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