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Gokada Founder's Autopsy Report And Life Saving Lessons To Learn From His Death

When a young tech entrepreneur with a history of doing business in Nigeria and Bangladesh was found dismembered this week in his multimillion dollar Manhattan condominium, the case at first seemed to have all the trappings of an international thriller.

He was murdered some days ago, The entrepreneur, Fahim Saleh, 33, was discovered dead on Tuesday afternoon by his sister inside his $2.25 million condo in a luxury building on the Lower East Side, The police said, She had gone to check in on him after not hearing from him for about a day.

According to police sources, Fahim Saleh had been cut up with an electric saw, which was lying nearby and was still plugged in, by the time his body was discovered in different plastic bags.

Mr. Saleh’s head and limbs had been removed, and parts of his body had been placed in large plastic bags designed for construction debris. An electric saw was still plugged in nearby.

It was guessed that the PA killed Fahim on Monday but returned the following day to clean up the crime scene. On this day, Fahim's Sister barged in to see his brother already been killed. Devon left the scene immediately Fahim's Sister saw him. The body of late fahim was dismembered in trash bags. 

A surveillance footage of the suspect has been seen, with the suspect wearing a hat and mask covering his face, as he entered the apartment elevator with Saleh.

Someone in a black suit, a mask and latex gloves had followed the victim, Fahim Saleh, into his apartment while carrying a duffel bag, a security video showed.

The person then subdued Mr. Saleh with a Taser, stabbed him to death and returned the next day to dismember him with an electric saw, the police said.

One law enforcement official said it “looked like a professional job.”

The Detectives during investigation believe that the motive for the killing stemmed from Mr. Saleh having discovered that Mr. Haspil had stolen roughly $90,000 from him, two of the officials said.

 Mr. Saleh fired Mr. Haspil, but did not report the theft and even offered to set up what amounted to a repayment plan so he could return the money, the officials said.

The former P.A, Tyrese Devon Haspil, 21, had worked for Mr. Saleh since he was 16. Mr. Haspil was expected to be charged in a criminal complaint with second-degree murder and other crimes.

An autopsy report by the city's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled Thursday that Saleh died as a result of stab wounds to the neck and torso and found his manner of death to be homicide, a spokesperson told CNN.

Lessons learnt from this: Be careful with the kind of people you surround yourself with.

Not everybody is your friend, You can also maintain friendship/partnership from afar.

Once you notice a a selfish character on someone stay away from them before they kill you.

But Why Do People Commit Murder?

Humans are one of the only species that will kill their own kind for reasons other than self-preservation.

People commit murder to survive less often than people commit murder for other reasons. High profile mass murder and serial killer cases are far from the norm.

No offense against another human being inflicts greater costs than killing.

Simply put, it's bad to be dead.

Nonetheless, hundreds of thousands are murdered every year; tens of millions over the past century, from baby killing to genocide, from Susan Smith to Osama bin Laden, people in every culture experience the urge to kill, Some act on it.

They do so despite legal injunctions, religious prohibitions, cultural interdictions, the risk of retaliation, and the threat of spending life in a cage. Dead bodies, a trail of grief, and a thirst for vengeance lie in their wake.

Many believe that they already know the answer to the question of cause. But existing theories woefully fail to explain why people murder.

Theories that invoke violent media messages, for example, cannot explain the high rates of homicide among tribal cultures that lack media access.

Theories that invoke uniquely modern causes cannot explain the paleontological record — ancient skulls and skeletons that contain arrow tips, stone projectiles, and brutally inflicted fractures.

The stones and bones of the past leave no doubt that murder has been a persistent problem of social living throughout human history. We need to understand why.

Killing us bad, end killing.

Note: People should know who they bring to the house as friends, because the heart of man is truly wicked.

More Photos of Fahim Saleh:

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