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Tension as Nursing Students Drops Suicide Note, Her Friends React.

A student at the School of Nursing Adazi Nnukwu in Anambra State, drops a suicide note on her facebook page, where she left a farewell message for her friends and family, in the note, she made reference to her inability to hear as the reason for her suicide, saying she was tired and couldn't go on. The note was photographed with a cup filled with what is suspected to be sniper liquid, as the bottle of sniper was also on the table.

Her social media friends immediately swung into action by calling, texting and reaching out to her. Some reposted the note she dropped with an urgent cry of help, others went immediately to visit her to make sure she was okay.

Thankfully, their quick intervention saved a life as she was reported to be in safe hands now with friends surrounding her and encouraging her not to give up. Some friends suggested she gets a hearing aid so she can hear better. But finances is still the major issue towards getting the hearing aid.

According to the World Health Organization, close to 800 000 people die by suicide every year, and , for each suicide, there are more than 20 suicide attempts. Suicides and suicide attempts have a ripple effect that impacts on families, friends, colleagues, communities and societies.

Suicides are preventable. Much can be done to prevent suicide at individual, community and national levels. What can you do to prevent this menace that has eaten deep like a cankerworm into our society? Perhaps we can all start by taking care of our mental health, and reach out to friends who show signs of depression.

These situation goes to answer the question. ..who social media help? Apparently social media has indeed saved a life today.

What's your take on this? Feel free to leave comments and reactions on this post.

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