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Twitter Hack: Hackers didn’t get as much as they wanted

Twitter Hack: Hackers didn’t get as much as they wanted

The Twitter Hack was a very organized and coordinated one. The Hackers came in through the front door to access privileged individual twitter accounts. It is not common for hackers to hack this way, most hackers use the back door, but let’s say Twitter’s security is considered strong and less compromisable.

For the hackers, using a newly made Trojan for the hack might be expensive or traceable. They rather used a common method to edit the twitter admin panel. Twitter too, believed they got an entry key from one of their staff. It is common these days that victims unknowingly by themselves give their information to cyber criminals. They use the collected information to gain access to the victims money and private data. The most convenient way for a robber to enter a bank is through the front door.

The Twitter Hackers were successful but the money syphoned doesn’t worth the hoax. They made too low for the big call. $120,000 worth of bitcoin is not a fortune in the world of cryptocurrencies. The Hackers might have gone for a better hit while using the bitcoin scam as a distraction. Cyber security Experts believe Twitter should expect more unforeseen damages. The damages could be political, economical or something worse.

It is also possible the hackers were not lucky enough, they might be expecting a fortune based on their permutations that later failed them. 

Hushpuppi, through cyber intrusion, single-handedly aims to cart away $124 million from a victim before his arrest. If Hushpuppi lay his hands on the Twitter hacker’s tools—-he will do more.

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