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What To Do When You Come Face To Face With An Armed Robber or Cultist

What To Do When You Come Face To Face With An Armed Robber or Cultist

Public safety is a serious concern these days. With the global economic crunch, many young people have been forced to adapt in many ways in order to survive. Unfortunately, many have taken to crime as a means of survival.

Armed robbery is not a new thing in our world. However, one thing we must always remind ourselves about is the right behaviour when you come in contact with any of them; be it at your work place, on your way back from home, or at another location.

When you face an armed robber, do these things.

1. Do as you are told

I know you watch Roman Reigns very well in WWE and Anthony Joshua in WBC pay-per-view.

I also know that you are a huge fan of Jack Bauer in the movie ‘24’.

However, please do not attempt to try any of the moves you have seen Bauer, Joshua or Reigns do in any of their performances. If you do, it will end in tears. If you encounter an armed robber, simply do as you are told. This maximizes your chances of surviving the ordeal.

2. Stay calm

It’s okay to be nervous, but please try to stay as calm as possible. When dare devil robbers are in the business of robbing, any slight activity from the victim may trigger a reaction to shoot. You surely do not want to be on the receiving end of a bullet.

3. If there is a genuine opportunity, run for your life

In this case, wisdom is profitable to direct. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to predict the attitude and/or intentions of robbers. Some may only want to dispossess you of your valuables, while some may want to kidnap you for money rituals. If you ignore an opportunity to escape, you may not live to tell the story. Therefore, if an opportunity to escape presents itself, take it with both hands.

What do you think, people? Please let me hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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