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Husband and wife relationship

If you want to be a successful man, don't do any of these 3 things to your wife (my views)

Marriage is a legal situation bringing two people of opposite sex together as what is naturally called husband and wife.

In most customs around the world, a man is said to be the one to look for a woman of his choice and ask for her hand in marriage. If the woman finds the man suitable to her taste, then she accepts him.

Most married couples have to go into courtship before getting married. Some have to court for a very short period of time before hooking themselves as husband and wife, while some others have to court for a long time before getting married.

Marriage is backed by lots of blessings. Once two people are legally married, they have brought blessings upon themselves. There are some actions on the part of the husband upon his wife that can raise God's anger on him.

This photo is used as an illustration showing husband and wife in sad mood

Below are three important things a husband should not do to his wife if he wants to be successful in life

1. Cheating on your wife : It is common among some men to cheat on their wives. Cheating on your wife means committing adultery with another woman who isn't your wife. You know it's a sin before God. It's called Zina in Islam and God frowns at whoever commits adultery.

You may cheat on your wife without her knowing it, but the consequences is on you. You may not as successful as you are supposed to be. I think it's better for you to desist such activities if you want be a successful man.

2. Quarreling and laying your hands on her: Any family that the husband and wife always fight, angels of blessings don't visit such family. If you always quarrel with your wife, that means you always invite devil into your home.

If your wife isn't always happy with you, she will never pray for to be successful. If you always beat your wife she is not happy with you and she may end up wishing you all the bad luck that exist around the world.

A man who was doing very well in his business fell back to the ground financially. one day he went to see a pastor who he related his problems with, the pastor ordered for prayers. After the prayers, the pastor told him to go back and beg his wife for forgiveness. The man always beat his wife for minor mistakes or intentional, his wife once regretted marrying him because of his beating and using abusive words on her.

Meanwhile, the man did as instructed by the pastor and That was how he regained his lost business after his wife had forgiven him.

3. Starving your wife on hunger : Hunger and starvation create confusion in the minds of most wives. When you married your wife, I believe that the first marrital caution from your mother in law was to not leave their daughter to suffer as a result of hunger. If you always leave your wife starved even if you have money to buy food for her, and pretend that you have no money, you better stop that. The worst thing that can happen to your wife and leads her into any otherwise thinking is hunger. For you to become a successful man, don't punish her with hunger and starvation.

Don't look at your wife like a slave or a maid you brought into your home to be maltreated anyway you like. She is part of your family. Love and care for her and you will see how successful you'll become

Warm regards.

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