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Causes of The Excessive Desire For Material Wealth Amongst Nigerians.

Present day Nigeria has been subdivided into different classes. We have the upper class(the rich), the middle class, and the lower class(the poor). As we all know, those in the upper class are treated with much more respect than the others; they are treated with more dignity. Those at the lower class are treated with disdain, as if they ain't human. Most of them aren't even recognized as citizens of this country.

This mentality of giving respect to the rich and neglecting the poor has led to the excessive desire for wealth among Nigerians. Every citizen wants to be publicly recognized so they do everything in their power to acquire wealth not minding if it is legal or illegal. For instance, when a retired military officer commits a crime and gets caught, the police officers who arrest him do not put him in handcuffs but treat him with respect, giving him the chance to come to the station when he so pleases. Meanwhile, when a poor man commits the same crime or even a much more lesser crime, he is manhandled and brutally beaten before getting arrested. Of course, such a poor man, once he gets out of prison, will do everything possible to become rich so as to prevent such an incident from befalling him again. Therefore it can be said that the eroding societal value is one reason why there is an excessive desire for wealth among Nigerians.

Greed amongst the citizens is another reason why there is an excessive desire for wealth in Nigeria. Most citizens are not contented with the amount of money they have. The poor want to become rich and the rich want to become richer. This act of discontentment among the citizens is another cause for the excessive desire for material wealth in the country.

Peer pressure is another reason why Nigerians want to acquire wealth. The pressure they get from their friends lead to acquisition of wealth among citizens. There is always that feeling of inferiority complex. Let us take an instance of a middle class man who is friends with upper class men. Whenever they all go for an outing, he will always feel like he is the odd one amongst them. For this reason, he will like to acquire wealth so that he can feel better that he is at the same level with his companions.

There you have it. Those are some of the reasons why there is always a burning feeling to acquire wealth amongst us all. I hope we all learn in time that wealth isn't everything. Being wealthy isn't wrong but acquiring wealth through illegal means is. If you didn't know this before, now you do.

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