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Stop Rape; Real Men don't Rape. Nigeria recorded 3,600 Cases of Rape during lockdown.

The issue of rape in the Nigeria is something that is drawing attention of so many concerned persons in our present day society. Many of this cases happen to the most teenager and the children under the age of consent, even when the Vitim involves doesn't seen to agree.

This case is not based on a particular gender because both genders are always becomes Vitim of the perpetrator who cannot control his or her sexual urge, they still force them into have it which thereby result to rape though the female gender suffer more. Many have come out to protest about it several time yet nothing seem working out.

The questions that we should ask the perpetrators is if it is his/her sister or brother involve in such an act will they be satisfied? How can someone be harbouring an evil thought in the act. This most time have brought so many Vitim doing the unwanted.

Please stop rape and repent from your evils so that the society will become a better place.

Love is supreme and should be practicalise everyday to avoid all manners of evil and disdain

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