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'Women And Their Wickedness - 'Fans React To The Picture Of A Maid beaten Severely By Her Madam

The high rate at which some married woman maltreat their house help is really getting out of hand and the government are bot doing anything about it.

early this month we have had series of issues where madam is seen beating up her maid some weeks back the an issue of a madam and her maid where by the woman drill nail in her maid s head, that's very bad.

The post was shared by a Facebook user called 'Ibekwe Chioma Ubine ' in a Facebook page 'Igbo Rant (By Wisdom Atasie)

Now Facebook is on fire as another issue has come again a woman (name withheld) beat up her maid for only God knows why...

Judging from the look of things this child I guess should be barely 10years of age, no matter the offense of the child does it warrant this kind of beating,?

The woman who beat the child

Note : parents please train your children by yourself,apply family planning,do not give birth to multiple children with out taking give birth to the amount you are sure you can train. Remember all fingers are not equal.

See people's reactions

What do you think should be done to this woman? If she is to be sentenced to jail how many years do you wish for her to stay

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