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Killed In New York: How Fahim's Murder Revealed A Kind Of Insecurity In The Developed Country

The brutal murder of of the CEO and founder of Gokada, Fahim Saleh sent serious fear to many people around the world who heard the sad news.

Gokada founder, Fahim Saleh's autopsy report revealed - News Dey

Saleh was murdered in his apartment in New York, US by a suspected assassin who was described as ''professional'' based on the manner the murder was perpetrated in such a highly secure country. The murderer was not caught in the act and the way the killer covered up left little or no trace to recognize the face or other part of the body going by the CCTV footage seen so far.

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According to the New York City's medical examiner who spoke to CNN, the autopsy report revealed that Saleh died of multiple stab wounds. The 33 year-old Saleh was found dead in his Manhattan's Lower East Side apartment on Tuesday, July 14, with his body dismembered. That development attracted many reactions from people who vehemently condemned the wicked act while the relevant authorities promised to investigate the incident.

Insecurity and loose information | Tribune Online

Meanwhile, Nigerians and people in the third world countries normally think that insecurity is a serious problem facing the developing countries while the developed countries have high degree of security. It was a rather incredible development that somebody could be killed in his multi-million naira mansion without the killer being caught in the act or caught by security agents within or outside while the killer is trying to escape.

Fahim Saleh: Tech CEO family react to death, dismemberment in NY ...

That shows a kind of insecurity in the developed countries where everybody minds their businesses. The killer was said to be in the lift with Saleh and struck immediately the victim dropped out of the lift to enter his apartment. In African and some other third world countries, a scream by a victim of an attack attracts the attention and even the presence of neighbours and other people nearby. People are willing to help each other especially when anybody is in danger. It does not matter whether they are related or not. It does not matter whether or not they know one another before the incident. Is it like that in the developed countries?

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The murder of Saleh revealed that there is a big loophole in the reliance on technological security systems such as the CCTV. Criminals exploit the obvious shortcomings of such technological devices and manoeuvre their way through. In this case, the criminal covered every part of his/her body so that the cameras could not show any detail of his/her identity. Moreover, human security officers were not on hand. They were not many around the scene of the incident in such a big and luxury mansion. That could be because the people relied so much on the use of technology to secure the place and the residents.

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In Nigeria and other third world countries, human security officers are used more. Technological devices will only be used to support the human security agents in doing the job. According to report, Saleh paid over $2 million for his apartment. That is very huge. In this part of the world, each flat will likely have some security agents in charge of it. That will mean that, every flat where the lift stops to drop off or pick up some people, security officers will be there to secure lives and property. This method will help to make up for the shortcoming of the technological devices since human security elements know better.

Founder of Nigeria's Gokada found dismembered in New York ...

If that was the case, the security officers would have raised the alarm in Saleh's case. That would help to prevent the act from happening or to capture the killer while he/she was tring to escape. But, things were different. The deed has been done. In fact, reports suggest that the killer might be on the way out of the US since he/she may be a hired assassin from outside the country. If that is the case, it may make investigation and capture of the killer more difficult.

Gokada Founder, Fahim Saleh's Autopsy Report Revealed - Market ...

It is advisable to have enough trained human security officers around such mansions and other residential areas. If technological devices such as CCTV will be used, they should simply complement the human security agents rather than depending on the technological devices when they have serious shortcomings.

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