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Crimes: How Mechanical Engineering Graduate Beheaded His Friend Over N13million In Edo State

A 27-year-old man, Moses has admitted how he killed, beheaded his friend, 29-year-old Abuchi Wisdom Nwachukwu with the point of denying him of N13 million sent to him by his brother dwell in South Af­rica to aid house building work of his brother. 

The incident happened in the Auchi area of Edo State. 

It was gathered that prior the murder, Abuchi had informed his colleague, Moses, who was likewise his partner in a factory where both worked, in a water delivering company, that his elder brother who is situated in South Africa, had sent him the amount of N13million to finish his personal building development project. 

It was gathered that Moses hacked the Isiala-Mbano-conceived casualty to death on seventh January 2020. 

His confession uncovered that he slaughtered him during a night shifting duty at the table water company where they two worked in Auchi.

Moses was said to have stolen the phone of the victim and his ATM card. 

Moses, it was uncovered, also proceeded to kill Abuchi Nwachukwu's dead body. 

This was uncovered was to conceal the crime with the goal that the headless body won't be exposed. 

He was said to have dumped the body in a bush near the company. 

He purportedly took the phone and the ATM card to some internet fraud­sters situated in Auchi and they with­drew the whole of N2.2million from late Nwachukwu's account. From there on, he proceeded to make POS withdrawals from different points in Edo State. 

In the mean time, Nwachukwu's head­less body was found by the police in Auchi, who couldn't recognize him. 

The body was taken and deposited in a hospital morgue while the late man's family members in Imo State and his brother in South Africa became very worried over his unexpected vanishing. 

They became more worried when they could no longer contact him on the phone. 

It was uncovered this provoked his brother in South Africa, to write a petition to the Inspector General of Police, IGP Mohammed Adamu, months after they couldn't find or get notification from his brother. 

The IGP in turn directed the op­eratives of his Intelligence Response Team, IRT, to investigate Nwachuk­wu's abrupt vanishing. 

It was gathered that weeks after investigation initiated, the IRT agents had the option to trace all POS transaction Moses did with Nwa­chukwu's ATM cards in Benin, Ore, and Auchi. 

The operatives finally captured him in a hotel where he was hiding in Auchi. 

During interrogation by the police, he allegedly admitted to the crime and he drove operative to capture some speculated internet fraudsters. They are Yusuf Sagiru, Tony Bright, Ter­ence Okochukwu, and a businessman Jahswill Ogbonnaya. 

Every one of these suspects was said to have helped Moses in pulling out a total sum of N6million from the late man's account. 

Moses, 27-year-old is a local of Auchi. He allegedly told IRT opera­tives, "I work in a table water company in Abely area of Auchi and I have been working in that company for as long as four years.

When Nwa­chukwu found a new line of work in the factory, I was the one who instructed him to work machine. We along these lines turned out to be close friends. While we were work­ing, Nwachukwu enlightened me regarding his brother who lives in South Africa and how he had been sending him cash to build his home him.

He showed me an alert of N13million which his brother simply sent to him. 

He said that he will be traveling to his village to do the project. 

I felt jealous of him and I decided to steal the cash. Since we were friends, I deceived him, collected his phone password and I went through it and found his ATM card pin.

Few days prior to the day he would be trav­elling, we work on the same shift, I baited him outside the company and stabbed him with a knife and killed him.

I dragged his body into the bush. Be­cause I don't want people to recognize him easily, I remove his neck and bur­ied it. At that point, I took his ATM to some fraudsters. I gave it to one Yusuf and I disclosed to him that I needed to hack the account.

N2.2million was stolen from the account. I experienced difficulty with Yusuf in light of the fact that he and the people he engaged the service wanted to cheat me.

I executed my friend on 8 January 2020 and I made a trip to Ore and Benin City.

I stayed in several hotels. I was carry­ing ladies up and down. The boy's spirit began scaring me. Whenev­er I want to sleep, the boy's spirit will appear to me and will be crying.

The young ladies with me will flee and they will say I want to use them for money ritual. I regret my actions now," he lamented. 

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