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Stop Accusing People Falsely: Man Commits Suicide After Been Falsely Accused of Rape

This is the era of rape accusations and false rape accusations. I have said this before and i will keep saying it the right authorities take action.

Whatever punishment that our lawmakers agree to for anyone that engages in raping another, it should be also be same for false rape accusers.

This Story is Heartbreaking!

A woman showed interest in a guy via DM (Direct message ), He declined her offer but later insinuated he would sleep with her if they hung out. 

Of course she wasn't happy that the guy insinuated that he would wantto sleep with her. He later apologised for the comment.

That did not stop her from accusing him of "non-physical" sexual assault online.

Here are the screenshots from the messages they exchanged :

The young man thought that both him and the lady had moved on until he saw that another woman has published his name in her "list of rapists.

This was what she tweeted :

He pleaded and pleaded to know what exactly he did to warrant his name on that list. His plea fell on deaf ears.

He was the one that showed those screenshots and said that was his only altercation with any lady on Twitter.

His Tweet :

The young man waited for them to address what they were accusing him of and remove his name from the list of rapists and they refused.

This was where he was begging the lady that put his name on Twitter as rapist to reveal his accuser :

The bottomline is that he finally committed SUICIDE. His name was Izu.

Here is a picture of the young man:

A picture of the deceased (Mr. Izu)

This is to all those people that use rape to bring others down, this is what happens when you accuse someone that cannot handle the pressure.

Here is a picture of the lady that put his name on Twitter as a rapist:

Government should please do something about this before it gets out of hand. Some people know that falsely accusing you has no repercussion so they do it anyway. This has to stop.

Rest in Peace Mr. Izu.

Source: Twitter

Picture Credit : Twitter

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