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I Searched My Wife's Bedroom for My Missing Car Key and Found This Instead (Fiction).

This is the ninth year of my my marriage to Nancy and it has not been so smooth but we have been together. I met my wife while she was still in the university and I had to wait for her to graduate and we tied the knot. Nancy started showing me a different character ever since we got married. Most times, I continue to ask myself if Nancy was the sweet little girl I knew before we got married. I really understand that living together is not easy but this is way too much. Just to give you a tip of what I go through most times, my wife rarely cooks for me even though she stays at home all day. I bathe and prepare my kids for school, put the house in order and still give her family upkeep money. This has always happened in our home and I continually endured it. Whenever anyone was coming to visit us, she would change and become a totally different person. This made it difficult for me to explain to anyone and they would understand. They always felt my wife is an angel. One day, I was called on a Saturday morning on an emergency to our headquarters in Lagos and I left immediately.

I spent Saturday and Sunday attending meeting with the board of trustees. On Monday, I as I was set to leave Lagos, I informed my wife that I was coming home and she answered coldly. I just ignored her attitude thinking it might be one of her new bad character. When I came home, I met the surprise of my life. Everything was the way I left them on Saturday before travelling, the dirty plates and weekend laundry was not done. My two boys Fred and Phillip looked at me hungrily. My wife was there polishing her nails and staring at the mirror. This made me so angry and for the first time, I raised my voice on her. I was not even concerned on what my neighbours would say or think of me. It was really a good time to pour out all my anger. My wife was still. She was not moved or disturbed. I went to the kitchen and prepared yam and stew for my children and I fed them before going to bed.

The next morning, I attended to my children and dressed up to leave. I ensured I was not going to clean the house because enough is enough. I searched for my key where I normally kept them but I did not find it. I normally hung it beside the curtain rails and my children could not reach there. The nail on which I hung it is well curved so it could not have fallen off even if the wind is heavy. I knew that this was a move from my wife. In order not to accuse her wrongly, I searched under my bed and around the room. This is the first time that am looking for my key since I bought my car. I quickly went to my wife's bedroom and searched it thoroughly. I first checked under her bed and then opened her wardrobe but found nothing.

I opened her drawer and in the last layer, I saw a hand bag there. She normally kept all her hand bags and purse in her wardrobe. This made me open her hand bag to search it as well. As I opened it, I did not only see my car key there. I saw a good deal of shock and surprise. All my photocopied official documents and certificates were there too. Two of my ATM cards was there as well as pieces of my clothes which seemed as if it was cut with a scissors. I took this bag and went to my room where I kept my documents but the originals were all gone. My eyes opened widely and I pinched myself to be sure I was not dreaming. My office documents, certificates and documents to my properties were gone. I opened my wardrobe and brought out the clothes that my wife cut pieces from. It was from the hand of the clothes that she cut with scissors.

I stood perplexed, I wondered where I should start from. Should I start with finding my original documents or should I find out why my wife had pieces of my clothes which were not old in a bag. I checked round the house and my wife is nowhere to be found. I have called her phone but she's not picking up. What should I do now? Am so confused.

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