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The 'Strong Message' Wike Sent To The Nigerian Police When He Went To Rescue Joi Nunieh In PH


Anyone who saw what happened yesterday at the residence of Joi Nunieh the former Managing Director Of Niger Delta Development Commission will ask himself or herself what kind of Police we have in Nigeria. Is it a police to maintain law and order, protect the lives of the citizens or the police that can be used to intimidate the citizens they are meant to protect.

At least when last such a thing happened in Nigeria should be during the military regime. If it was in a sane society, those Police Officers who raided the residence of Joi Nunieh would have been expelled from the Nigerian Police Force and by now be preparing themselves to appear before the court for holding a citizen hostage many hours in her house without a warrant of arrest.

Anybody who is not condemning what happened to Joi Nunieh yesterday doesn't believe in the dignity of every human being. What happened yesterday was a pure abuse on the fundamental human right of Joi Nunieh. It doesn't tell good of a democratic nation like Nigeria. It goes a long way to show that our police are tools in the hands of politicians who can use them for anything. My question is has some Nigerian Police men lost their sanity? How can they go so low?

Well thanks to His Excellency Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State who came to the rescue of Joi Nunieh. Without him I don't know what will have become of her by now. A few have said that Wike doesn't have the right to storm the residence of Joi Nunieh to rescue her because he has the power of a Governor. For me Wike sent a strong message to the Nigerian Police with his rescue of Joi Nunieh who is a resident of his state and indigene of Rivers State. Below are the following messages: 

I Understand The Law: Governor Nyesom is a trained lawyer. His wife is a judge. He knows very well that Nigeria operates a democracy system of government which its constitution has it that any arrest to be made by the Nigerian Police without a warrant of arrest is illegal. 

I'm The Chief Security Officer Of Rivers State And Nobody Can Intimidate Me: Any Governor of a state is the Chief Security Officer of such state. He demonstrated that yesterday. It was clear case of threat on the life of a resident of Rivers State which he swore to protect, and he needed to act fast. 

Every Resident Of Rivers State Is Important To Me: By rescuing Joi Nunieh yesterday who was in fear, he once again proved that every resident of Rivers State counts and is important to him irrespective of party affiliation. 

Nigeria Is Not A Banana Republic : As far as am concern what happened yesterday can only happen in a Banana Republic where lawlessness is the order of the day. Wike believes in the rule of law and detests lawlessness. Nigerians can call easily recall how Wike pulled down the hotel of a PDP member in Rivers State who violated the law of Rivers State which prohibited hotel services as a means of curbing the spread of Coronavirus in Rivers State. Also, his disagreement with the Federal Government on Cavaton helicopters flying into Portharcourt at a time the state was under lockdown is another reminder of the kind of a person Wike is. 

I'm Against Police Impunity: Some Nigerians know the ugly role some Nigerian Police officers played during elections last year. A typical example is what happened in Rivers State in 2019 election and in Kogi State Governorship election in November. Such things are still fresh in the minds of the Garden City Governor. 

This is not just about Governor Wike or Joi Nunieh. It could be anybody tomorrow. If Joi Nunieh committed any crime she should be invited to the Police and failing to show up will now be arrested with a warrant of arrest. Nobody is above the law. But what happened yesterday was clearly the opposite and should never happen again. I plead on the IGP to investigate this matter and punish those Police Officers who were involved in such show of shame. The Police should be our friend in time of difficulty not an enemy. 

What you think of the action of some officers Of the Nigerian Police at the residence of Joi Nunieh yesterday? Do you think Wike did the right thing by intervening to rescue Joi Nunieh?

Do you drop your comment below, like, share this article and also fellow me.

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