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The Place of Sexual Harassment in the Nigerian Law

We live in a world where evil is justified easily and immorality seen as morality in the eyes of many. This can be regarded as why the female gender is mostly seen as sex object rather than fellow humans that should be treated with respect and dignity. We hear and experience the cases of sexual harassment here and there, especially at homes, business places, schools, and so on. The most common and degrading is the one that take place at schools, for the sake of grades and other academic favors and that is why a lot of people have cried out to the government so that the female gender could be protected from every form of dehumanization.

Luckily, the Senate have taken the bold step of passing the bill of criminalizing sexual harassment of any kind. The Bill was passed on Tuesday, July 7, which prohibits and redresses sexual harassment of students, while also outlawing any form of sexual or romantic relationship in tertiary institutions. To this end, the National Centre for Women Development, NCWD, has commended the Nigerian Senate over the Sexual Harassment Prevention Bill. The Director-General of the NCWD, Mary Ekpere-Eta, thanked the lawmakers and described the passage of the Bill as a necessary step to take in the struggle for women empowerment. She further encouraged the House of Representatives to pass the bill on time in order for President Muhammadu Buhari to sign it into law in the nearest future.

This, however, will definitely serve as a relieve to every female that has experienced or may experience sexual harassment, knowing full well that a law covers them. Also, it will give courage to females who have gone into their shell based on shame or past experience of sexual harassment because they will be given a voice and empowerment in the issue of sexual harassment when the bill is finally signed by the president. 

Kindly let us know what you feel about this bold step taken by the Senate? Do you think this bill will certainly erase past experience of sexual harassment of someone? Do you also think that the poor masses can access this law when signed?


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