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The 6 Youngest Girls To Have a Baby in World's History

1.  Lina Medina (5 years, 7 months)

In the year may 14, 1939, a young girl of 5 years, who hailed from Ticrapo district of Peru, gave birth to her baby through a cesarean section in an hospital in Lima. Her baby was named Garardo and he weighed 2.69 kilogram. The identity of of the man responsible for the pregnancy was unknown.


2. H ( 6 years, 7 months)

The six years old Indian girl known as H gave birth to a baby on June 7th 1932. Young H gave birth to a baby girl weighing 1.90 kg by a cesarean section at Victoria Zanana hospital in New Delhi, India. According to report the young girl was still able to breast feed her child for nine months, despite not a breasts that was not fully developed and had never menstruated. The man responsible for her pregnancy was unknown.

3. Liza Yelizaveta Pantueva (6 years)

Liza Yelizaveta Pantueva was a young girl of age 6 who got raped and impregnated by her 70 year old maternal grandfather. She was of a national of the then Soviet Union, which is currently Ukraine. The young Liza gave birth to her baby on the 19th of August 1934. She gave birth with the aid of retractors and forceps because her parents felt the cesarean section was a dangerous way of given birth at that time. Liza baby died in labor due because of an early tear of the placental.

4. Anna Mummenthaler ( 8 years 6 months )

The 8 years old Anna Mummenthaler who hailed from Switzerland, gave birth to a stillborn baby girl on the 5th of December 1759. Her uncle was responsible for the pregnancy.

5. Mum-zi (8 years 4 months)

Mum-zi was a national of Niger Coast presently Nigeria. On December 1884, she conceive a child, her father in the person of Chief Akkiri, was responsible for the impregnating her child

6. Zi ( 8 years, 8 months )

Zi was the daughter of Mum-Zi, she gave birth to a child on the August 1893 at the age of 8 years. A relative of Zi was said to be responsible for the pregnancy.

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