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Remember when a place in India started paying their policemen for keeping moustache.

It's funny but true that some policemen in some part of India, are being paid for keeping moustache. This was put into practice in 2004. A place in India called Madhya Pradesh state, has brought up the idea of paying their policemen some amount of money, for keeping moustache.

It might sound untrue but it's definitely a reality. A different amount of money is set out for those who keep moustache, in the police force in that area. The police chief then Mayank Jain, passed the law into effect during a seminar after he told them that most officers, with moustache are more respected than those who do not have any.

He also said most policemen would start keeping moustache, due to the respect others get and also due to the additional pay, added to their monthly income.

Mayank Jain brought up the idea, and also offered to give additional money to people who kept neat, and nice moustache. He offered them 30 rupees. This 30 rupees is just for them to use and maintain the moustache.

This is definitely real. If you keep moustache you will get paid as a police officer in that district police force.

What's your opinion on the payment for keeping moustache as a police officer?

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