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Dubai villa owner wakes up from sleep to find "stranger in his home"

Dubai villa owner wakes up from sleep to find "stranger in his home" .

The Dubai Criminal Court ruled a year in prison and deportation of an Asian mechanic who infiltrated at night to a villa whose owner left the main gate open, then jumped through a window on the first floor other than being closed, and spent about 16 minutes inside the villa, during which he stole 8000 dirhams from the wife of the owner of the house, in addition To other purposes, and after determining his identity despite being masked by the Dubai Police, he resisted his arrest, and the Public Prosecution charged him with committing a misdemeanor of theft at night, and the felony of infringing a public employee from the police apparatus while performing his job.   

The owner of the villa, which was stolen, said that he woke up from his sleep, and was surprised by electronic messages from the surveillance cameras, that revealed a stranger entered the house, so he checked the recording, and watched the accused enter a masked man and wore gloves at about three in the morning, through the main gate of the villa that is not closed, Then he sneaked through one of the windows that he forgot to close, and the cameras spotted him as he was moving on the ground floor and stealing sums of 8,000 dirhams from his wife's bag. He also stole an amount from his wallet but he could not estimate it. 

A witness from Dubai Police said that upon receiving the report from the residents of the house, the move was made and the site inspected, and it was revealed through the records that the thief was masked, but his crime was compared to another he committed in the same manner and was not masked in it, which contributed to determining his identity, and arrived at his residence with the help of sources . 

He added that he went to the accused’s residence with his colleague, and showed their military IDs as soon as they entered, and told him that they were among the investigations, but he tried to flee, then he intercepted his path, but the accused stepped on his foot and pushed him with both hands, but he managed to control him with his colleague, and put restrictions in his hands, On a self-search, he lacked a cash sum of 2305 dirhams, and $ 50 was admitted as the result of the theft he committed. 

It is mentioned that Dubai Police has repeatedly warned against closing the doors and windows of villas and private homes, because they are easy targets for thieves, and may be a reason for committing more serious crimes than theft, such as the killing of a man and his wife and the injury of their elder daughter, by a thief who infiltrated the house without a tightly closed He was surprised by the awake father and stabbed him, then he killed his wife later.

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