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Picture Compilation of ''Apprehended'' Yahoo Boys with Their Cars

Note: Pictures used for illustrative purposes only

Have you ever wondered why most of these yahoo boys join the gang? Most of them join out of desperation, with ''no other visible'' options to survive. It should be noted that the circumstance that put these young Nigerians in such position is because of the inadequacies of the government. Have you wondered why most of the Yahoo Boys we have today are graduates? After all these being said, there remains no justification for crime.

There is no justification for crime, but at the end of the day, crime is crime. Or at least, Financial Crime is Financial Crime. But if this is the case, why does the law frown on Yahoo boys more than Convicted Looters in Government (CLIG)?

A certain ex governor of Abia State was convicted for embezzling N7.65b, yet he spent only six (6) months in prison. I seem to have forgotten the name of this man. Drop it in the comments section if you do. Everybody knows that a convicted Yahoo Boy would spend more time in prison in Nigeria. Do you think this is fair?

No form of crime shall be tolerated. And there shall be no inequity or imbalance among the punishment for offenses. At least, that is how it is supposed to be.

Now take a trip down memory lane, and remember all the cases of arrested Yahoo Boys you have ever heard. You should realize that many of them are still in prison till this day.

Here are pictures of a few of them, at the point of arrest:

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