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Gender based violence in Nigeria; it's Implications on the society.

The fight for various forms of freedom has in recent times reached a crescendo. Freedom from colonization, slave trade, from gender inequality, from racism and more recently to black lives matter; and it won't come to an end within the foreseeable future.

Today women are the most affected group who suffer all kinds of gender based violence like rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence. By all measures, history shows that women are very technical fighters and the most courageous set of folks in the world despite their regular disposition of being weak. 

The ugly reality is that being a woman deprives one certain opportunities in our world today, opportunities which can in turn suppress the quest and aspirations of women. These deprivations cuts across various sectors from the society down to the religious sect. Politically, women suffer what you can call "technical oppression" from their Male folks because the society has tagged them as "weak" hence reduced them to object of sexual satisfaction and not fit for occupying high profile political positions.

21st century women have had enough hence the coordinated campaign currently in this part of the world (Nigeria) against rape, sexual harassment, inequality and domestic violence. It's a pointer that the best freedom fighters are not giving up yet. 90% of the campaign against rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence is carried out by ladies and would be mothers. The implications of the campaign are as follows;

1) Ladies are saying we want to be loved as ladies not as sex object

2) Seeking favors from men is not a consent to sex

3) Ladies are saying define your relationship before you start friendship with a lady 

4) Guys we are not pretending again please say your mind

5) The ladies that are campaigning on the street are saying to their neighbor's, hey woman, hold your son; if he falls victim, we will also send him to prison.

6) Women are saying that they are wise enough to contribute in decision making for the good of the society. That is to say the era of “I’m talking and you are talking is over ”.

It will be a wise decision for parents to go back and communicate with their sons and properly teach their sons on how to respect women. This will serve as a good elixir for RAPE, SEXUAL HARASSMENTS AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Because the same woman that is campaigning will send your son to prison if he commits the act. 

These are the thoughts of Shepherd Victor, what are yours?

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